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hi, I'm kristi!

My favorite thing as a photographer is that I'm granted this little peek inside your life. It's a privilege that I don't take for granted. Your trust in me to photograph your precious little ones and capture your family story truly humbles me. 

After graduating with my photojournalism degree over 12 years ago, my heart has led my photography journey. Since I was newly married to my best friend and husband, Jay, I wanted to capture new love and weddings. After a few years, my heart led me to capture new life, babies and families. This is where I've truly found my calling. My clients often remark that I'm like a baby whisperer! Working with babies takes a lot of patience, a soft touch and knowing how to make a LOT of silly noises. Haha!

I've been an honored observer to so many life stories. My portraits gracing your walls and sitting like treasures on your coffee tables is why I LOVE what I do. It is the fuel to my creative vision. 

I absolutely look forward to capturing your life story.

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