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Birth Photography

Having started her photography career as a wedding photographer over a decade ago, Kristi posses the skills and knowledge needed to capture your birth in any setting. Documenting the most important moments as they are unfolding is a true talent. 

Precious and rare moments in your life such as giving birth don't happen very often. Just a few times in your lifetime. It's moments like these that people often look back and would give anything to have had them captured.

Kristi is a quiet observer in your most intimate moments of your birth story. 

Zoe's Birth Story (shown above): 

"Kristi photographed my RV home birth on Dec. 19, 2015. Being in an RV, we had all of 2 feet for 9 people to maneuver around in. I believe this was her first time photographing a birth, but I NEVER could tell that. In fact, of all the people here, she was by far the quietest and stealthiest person in attendance.
We called everyone when we thought it was time to have the baby, and they all showed up immediately. Unfortunately, my labor stalled shortly thereafter. Everyone ended up hanging out here for a total of 8 hours, until our little man finally made his appearance.
Kristi was so professional, but more importantly, the photographs she shot couldn't have been more perfectly timed or better captured. There is one photo in particular that I STILL cry at every time I see it.
After a particularly difficult labor and delivery, even with this being my 3rd natural birth, I was ready to give up. I didn't think I could birth this baby and I was saying that over and over to myself and anyone that could hear me. But the second I managed to do so, I brought my beautiful baby boy to my chest & what I was screaming, immediately changed to shouted repetitions of "I did it!"
And THAT is the greatest photograph in the history of me, because it is everything. It is a photo of my wanting to give up, but not giving in. It is doubt, erased by courage, and it is shock and relief painted across my face. It is pure, unconditional, and instantaneous love for that little boy in my arms. It was my proud, Warrior Mama moment. And it makes me look like a triumphant birthing Goddess!
Kristi is unbelievably talented, with an incredible eye for the most artistic & yet the most realistic shots. She's a naturally gifted photographer and I will now be recommending her to every single pregnant Mama I meet on the streets.
Thank you so much Kristi. You were able to capture exactly what my heart (and my body) was feeling throughout that whole experience. There are no words for this gift you have given me. That special day has been forever immortalized into images, and I am so truly grateful to you for making that possible."