Editing Challenge | Monthly Blog Circle Colorado Springs, CO Photographer

So this month our blog circle decided to do an editing challenge. We have 3 photos we are all starting from (donated by photographers in the group) then we will show the before and after of how we each would edit them.

All of these were edited in Photoshop CS4.

For this image I took at a recent wedding, I created a layer for the flowers - darkened in Curves, then made it warmer by pulling the RGB in Curves for blue down so that it would put more yellow in this layer. I then created a layer mask and painted in this adjustment on the flowers only. Painting in and out is done with black and white paint brush in Photoshop. One paints the layer mask in, the other paints it out.

I did the same thing for the dress area around only I increased the blue and red hues in the Curves layer.

edit 1

For this beautiful scenic photo by Lisa McConnell, I created one Curves layer for the sky and another for the yellow field of flowers.

I darkened the top curves layer for the sky and lightened and made more yellow in the bottom Curves layer.

The last step was creating a Gradient Map that I customized to a pink hue and bumped it to a low opacity on that layerso that it would have a sunset look to the photo.


I really like this photo by Lynisha Weeda. Only one thing bothered me that I had to fix - obviously the umbrella.

To do this, I duplicated the main background image and then Transformed the layer to flip 180 degrees. I painted in just a corner of the umbrella to make a complete umbrella since it's such a strong focal point.

I did a basic Curves adjustment for contrast.

Then lastly, I created a Gradient Map layer of white and yellow and bumped the opacity to about 15% to create the warm look.

edit 2

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