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outdoor family photography

We believe in snugly family photos. And laughing family photos! And, of course, the beautiful family portraits that you choose to proudly display and cherish forever on the walls of your home. The one that your grandchildren will fight over one day.

Every family is different because we are all different, and we love capturing family photos of what makes your family special to you! The whole family bond, the dad and kids bond, the mom and kids bond, the kids all together, the kids separate. It's all part of your family story. And we can't wait to show you what magic we see in your family!

Outdoor Family Sessions

Since we live in Colorado Springs, we believe in taking advantage of the beautiful landmarks our city has to offer! We have so many locations that we recommend that look distinctly Coloradan but will give you variety so that your portraits are unique to your family. 

Check out our outdoor locations page to view our recommendations as well as some example of portraits taken at every location. 

Concerned about weather? We have such nice days even when it snows in Colorado that we rarely have to reschedule. Since the weather changes quickly here, we recommend waiting until the day before your session to decide if we should reschedule.

extended family

It's not every day we can all manage to get together with our families, but when we do, it's a special occasion!
It's a great time to get those extended family portraits that might only happen once or twice in a lifetime.
Life goes by so fast, before you know it, the grandkids are all grown up and having their own families.
Take the time to capture these important moments in your family now!