1940s family, present day

When Catherine first broached the subject of doing a 1940s theme shoot, I was over the moon. Her vision was to become a 1940s family going to the train station. And she found that the Science Museum in Richmond, Virginia had old trains outside and they had no problem with us photographing there. AWESOME! I had so much fun! If you're like me, you won't believe how authentic they look. If it wasn't for the color photographs below, it would be easy to think these black and white photos (like the one above) are from the 1940s.

I have to give Catherine and Dean major props on their preparation for this session - vintage suits, hat box, dresses. Catherine even got her hair styled in a 1940s hairdo.

Your efforts paid off big time! Thanks for an unforgettable session!

hey, that's my job! lol

love these next two photos!



If you haven't seen this part of the Science Museum, I highly recommend it.

How much do you love this vintage suit?!

Catherine found this plastic old fashioned looking camera - awesome!