Alaina, 7 day Newborn Baby

Little miss Alaina Mae did an amazing job doing her newborn baby photo session! She slept, smiled and every once in awhile let us see her pretty brown eyes. I love how her momma is completely smitten with her and as we were doing the session kept saying, "She's just perfect." And she is. Perfect. We had such a fun time dressing her up in both my props and outfits mom already had. Like a little doll, Alaina was the perfect model. We did the photos in the living room with beautiful window light shining like a softbox on Alaina. I love using natural light especially with newborns. It's so soft and natural looking.

Welcome to the world, Alaina!

2015-02-17_0009.jpg 2015-02-17_0001.jpg 2015-02-17_0002.jpg 2015-02-17_0003.jpg 2015-02-17_0004.jpg 2015-02-17_0005.jpg 2015-02-17_0006.jpg 2015-02-17_0007.jpg 2015-02-17_0008.jpg 2015-02-17_0010.jpg 2015-02-17_0011.jpg 2015-02-17_0012.jpg 2015-02-17_0013.jpg 2015-02-17_0014.jpg 2015-02-17_0015.jpg 2015-02-17_0017.jpg 2015-02-17_0016.jpg 2015-02-17_0018.jpg