Alexander and Owen, Twin Newborn Photography Colorado Springs

Meet Alexander and Owen! These identical twins were actually born in May prematurely and we took their newborn photos the week they were actually due, 2 months later, once they were released from the hospital. Their parents and big sisters couldn't be more proud of these two cuties! I love doing twin newborn photography! It's a challenge, but a fun challenge. And we had more than enough hands to help with the process!

Welcome to the world, Alexander and Owen! (Owen is actually on the left in all the photos :)

2015-07-21_0001.jpg 2015-07-21_0002.jpg 2015-07-21_0003.jpg 2015-07-21_0004.jpg 2015-07-21_0005.jpg 2015-07-21_0006.jpg 2015-07-21_0007.jpg 2015-07-21_0013.jpg 2015-07-21_0010.jpg 2015-07-21_0011.jpg 2015-07-21_0012.jpg