April Showers...Monthly Blog Circle | Colorado Springs, CO Photographer

I am participating in a blog circle with several other photographers.  On the 20th of each month, we will all be posting a blog with a theme.  You can follow the circle around by clicking the next link at the bottom of the post. This month’s blog theme is…April Showers!

In Colorado this year we have had more April Wind and April Snow than April Showers.

Somehow we found a time to sneak in Dezra's maternity photos in between the April Snow but we couldn't escape the April Wind. The last photo shows what it was really like during our photo session. But thankfully, I managed to get a few normal looking photos that don't look wind blown during this very windy and chilly session.

Baby Bailey Ann is scheduled to arrive Tuesday and we can't wait to meet our newest niece!

Brooke let me take a couple of just her and this was her face as she said, You're so silly, Kristi!What the weather was really like: 

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