Awesome Portrait Session Ideas: Clothes

I am starting this new part of my blog as a way to help answer the questions I most often get asked. Today's is: WHAT DO WE WEAR? My fundamental belief is really, whatever you wear will work. Really!  And most importantly, it's you! Having said that, there are some things you may consider to up the wattage of your portrait session.

Number One:  Shoes. Be aware that when I take photos, I include your feet. And sometimes, just your feet! Why is that, you ask? 1. I LOVE shoes. 2. It tells us a lot about you. Heels or flats, casual or dressy, cute or sassy!

Number Two: Clothes. There are a lot of ways you can go with this. Old style photography says, don't do this, don't wear that. But I think that you can wear anything you want! However, having said that, consider what will look striking for your family and your photo.

Neutrals: as shown below, consider neutral bottoms, and a basic neutral color scheme.

Neutrals: khakis, jeans, black, white, gray and tan

The adults are in one color, the kids in another. Or another way to do this is - girls in one color, boys in another. I suggest no more than 3-4 colors including neutrals.

Colors: In the old days, color was a no-no. But I love color! It adds that extra punch.

This is another example with a basic color scheme at the next level. The basic colors are pink and burgundy with a few neutrals thrown in - black and gray.

Don't be afraid to mix it up! The running color was yellow for this family. I love how they are each in different outfits but they look like a unified family.

Prints: Very often, too many prints can overwhelm a photo. But done right, they can look awesome.

Consider: adults in neutral colors, kids in matching prints.

Definitely don't be afraid of prints! They can make the photo.

Be yourself: Don't want to match? No problem! Don't be afraid to be yourself!

I just love the next two images for the very fact that you can tell that the guys are comfortable and the girls are styling!