Bailey, 1 year Cake Smash & Splash!

I have been lucky to photograph my niece Bailey since before she was born. Now she's one year old already! How fast it all goes by! I'm sure she will be a teenager before we know it. I'm so glad we have photos to look back on and remember things we soon forget. I was just asking my mom about how I was when I was a baby - well it's been 30 years so it's hard to remember! But when you have photos to document those times that will soon pass, it makes it easier to remember. A photo takes you back to that time as if you were just there yesterday. That's what I love about photography. I put together a little look at her first year starting with when she was still in her mommy's tummy! I love seeing how she's grown and changed. All her little smiles and giggles! She is a little darling (if I do say so myself!).

I ended the post with Bailey's one year cake smash and bubble bath celebration photo session. I started incorporating the bubble bath after the cake smash for 2 reasons: it gets them clean and every baby loves the bath! So even if they aren't thrilled with the cake smash, we can get some cute pictures of them playing in the bath! :) In Bailey's case, she missed her afternoon nap and was not her normal smiley self during the cake but she was thrilled with the bath! So now I'm making that an option for all cake sessions!

one year cake smash


At the hospital after she was born.. adoring parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties all admiring Bailey!


I don't know about you, but I love to "unwrap" my nieces and nephews at the hospital. All those little toes!


Daddy wrapping her back up!


Her official newborn session...


Christmas photos - the official "sitting up" session! So many new things she's learned!


And the stage of everything goes in the mouth! lol!


9 months during Valentine's Day!


I purposely grouped these together. A sister's love from the beginning...


And drumroll please...One Year Cake Smash Celebration!

one year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smashone year cake smash

Baby toothless grins are so sweet!

one year cake smashone year cake smash

And the last photos are just as cute - wrapped up warm in a snuggly towel!

one year cake smashone year cake smash