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I am participating in a blog circle with several other photographers.  On the 20th of each month, we will all be posting a blog with a theme.  You can follow the circle around by clicking the next link at the bottom of the post. This month’s blog theme is Black & White. As everyone knows, black and white photography was the first available photography long before color. These days, I find that black and white or color photography just come down to a person's personal preferences. I've discovered that my grandmas usually prefer color since it didn't exist when they were little and it was all the rage when it came out.

There are many versions of black and white photography. I am currently working on this photo journal of my Grandma B. When choosing which black and white, there are many things to consider such as amount of contrast and toning. I usually go for the first one in the list - a basic, high contrast image that is a clean looking black and white.

I want to know which one you prefer!

VOTE for your favorite! Leave your vote in the comments below. 

(1) High Contrast

(2) Low Contrast

(3) Blue and Warm Tones

(4) Old School Sepia

Thanks for voting!

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