To my grandma B with love

Today would have been my Grandma B's 84th birthday. I took these photos of her earlier this year before she passed. I took them because I knew I had to. Time is fleeting. I almost didn't take them. My grandma wasn't really in the mood for photos and I really could have said, some other time. But then. Sometimes there isn't any more time. But part of me thinks she knew that her time was coming soon. She let me take my photos of her in her sitting room with her cat where she would read a romance or two and cheer for the Rockies surrounded by photos of her family. I wanted to take photos that show who my grandma was as a person. I never got around to sharing them after I took them. So I'm sharing them today, on what would have been her 84th birthday. Love you grandma. Miss you.


Riley! 9 Days New

We welcomed my niece into our family this summer - Riley Rue! She is so adorable and amazing. I had to take a few of her baby pictures at the hospital for the first time and then we did newborn photos at her house in Denver. I love every detail of this baby girl! My niece.

I love taking newborn photos. Here's some things that help with newborn photos: taking newborn photos is best when they are 3-10 days old. They are still very sleepy and flexible during this time. That doesn't mean if they are older, it won't work. The size of the baby determines how well sleeping baby poses work. I've had a 6 week old who was only 8 pounds be able to pull off the newborn poses. I've also seen other newborn photographers pose babies up to 4 months old simply because the baby was a preemie and it took that long to get to a healthy size.

The second thing to keep in mind: newborn photos take a while to take because you are waiting on the baby to go to sleep. That means diaper changes, feedings, and making them comfortable. This takes longer for some babies than others. Typically they are 2-3 hours at the minimum. This is totally normal! It is also normal to get a handful of perfect little sleeping photos because of the time in making them comfortable.

Newborn photography is one of my favorite types of photography. Love those little bitty babies!


Monthly Blog Circle

I am participating in a blog circle with several other photographers.  On the 20th of each month, we will all be posting a blog with a theme.  You can follow the circle around by clicking the next link at the bottom of the post. This month’s blog theme is…Roads. It's amazing how choices in life take you different directions and you never know where you might end up - much like a metaphoric road of life. My brother, Keith, met his wife, Amanda, fell in love, got married and now they are expecting their first child. I was honored to take Amanda's maternity photos.

I think the roads that led them to this point in life are like that song by Rascal Flatts:

I set out on a narrow way, many years ago Hoping I would find true love along the broken road But I got lost a time or two Wiped my brow and kept pushing through I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream led me to where you are Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms This much I know is true

That God blessed the broken road That led me straight to you

I love this dress so much for maternity photos. Points right at her belly. :)


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Scott and Kayla Get Engaged! | Manitou Springs Surprise Proposal Photography Colorado

I had the privilege of being present to document my brother Scott's proposal to Kayla, his new fiancee! He asked me a few weeks ago to photograph this surprise proposal. I mean, when you have a photographer for a sister, what better way to capture that great moment in your life? How many of the rest of this wish we had photos like these, and not just a memory?

It was such a great moment! And the whole thing was just so, so sweet! Like a cherry on top kind of sweet. Kayla knew they were having a photo session with me and then when Scott was ready, he popped the question! And she said YES!

Congratulations to my big brother and my soon to be sister-in-law!

Prior to the proposal. How amazing do they look? 

I love this photo because I told them to look behind me into their future and that's where Scott popped the question!

We had a few arranged signals to know when everything was ready for Scott to go ahead. This is just moments before that...

Scott made a photo album for Kayla. Scroll to the end to see what the pages say. 

box in hand!

And then the session turned into an engagement photo session!

Yeah, not the best photo, but I love the moment. And the Star Trek game in the background...

Kayla loves elephants. :)

Why yes, that is a Star Trek custom made ring. lol! Wishing you both the best in your final frontier! Love, Kristi

Happy 1st Anniversary, Keith and Amanda!

Today is my brother Keith and his wife Amanda's one year anniversary. I've been thinking about this post all day and now that there's only a couple of hours left in the day, I finally have time to sit down and post it. It's amazing how quickly a year goes, or ten, twenty, thirty. I never got around to making a wedding blog post about their beautiful wedding in Estes Park, but thankfully, it better late then never. This reminds me why I love photography so much. We can look back at the photos and remember things exactly how they looked at the time. In the last year a lot has happened. The most important of them all was Keith and Amanda's announcement that they are expecting. Baby Riley will be joining us in July this year and we can't be more thrilled!

So congrats on this first year, Keith and Amanda! Here's to many, many more.