Connor, 12 day In Home Newborn, Colorado Springs Photography

Connor is such a cutie! He loves to smile and he did a lot during his newborn session. He did so well during his photo shoot! Just so cute and curly. I love his little strong arm man poses! As usual, we did an in home newborn session in Colorado Springs. It's so nice to have everything you need right there and also get some cute photos of the nursery you spent so much time setting up and planning for your little one to arrive!

Welcome to the world, Connor!

2015-07-14_0001.jpg 2015-07-14_0002.jpg 2015-07-14_0003.jpg 2015-07-14_0006.jpg 2015-07-14_0007.jpg 2015-07-14_0008.jpg 2015-07-14_0009.jpg 2015-07-14_0010.jpg