Copper, 3 week Newborn

We have had a lot of nieces and nephews born recently. They seem to come in groups! haha! Now we are on baby number 10 between both of our families. The next is due in July! Copper had a rough start to his life but he has shown us all that he's a strong little fighter! After spending more than a week in NICU, he was finally released and has been doing great ever since. He's super blond and smiles a bunch. He's a sweetheart!

Welcome to the world, Copper!

2015-05-20_0035.jpg 2015-05-20_0034.jpg 2015-05-20_0032.jpg 2015-05-20_0033.jpg 2015-05-20_0036.jpg 2015-05-20_0037.jpg