Courtney and Zach Get Married!

Courtney and Zach's wedding day was a beautiful one! The weather was perfect. Leaves just starting to turn yellow, a clear blue sky, and a warm day. I loved documenting their wedding day! It was gorgeous. You could tell lots of work had gone into every detail of the day. Lots of love and planning by their families. Down to the last detail of "I do" written on Courtney's ring fingernail. It was just a beautiful day!

And better than my words can tell their story, here are the photos! Just a few of my favorites! 2014-11-07_0001.jpg 2014-11-07_0002.jpg 2014-11-07_0003.jpg 2014-11-07_0004.jpg 2014-11-07_0005.jpg 2014-11-07_0006.jpg 2014-11-07_0007.jpg 2014-11-07_0008.jpg 2014-11-07_0009.jpg 2014-11-07_0010.jpg

2014-11-07_0012.jpg 2014-11-07_0013.jpg 2014-11-07_0014.jpg 2014-11-07_0015.jpg 2014-11-07_0016.jpg 2014-11-07_0017.jpg 2014-11-07_0018.jpg 2014-11-07_0019.jpg 2014-11-07_0020.jpg 2014-11-07_0021.jpg 2014-11-07_0022.jpg 2014-11-07_0023.jpg 2014-11-07_0024.jpg 2014-11-07_0025.jpg 2014-11-07_0026.jpg 2014-11-07_0027.jpg 2014-11-07_0028.jpg 2014-11-07_0031.jpg 2014-11-07_0029.jpg 2014-11-07_0030.jpg 2014-11-07_0032.jpg 2014-11-07_0033.jpg 2014-11-07_0034.jpg 2014-11-07_0035.jpg 2014-11-07_0036.jpg 2014-11-07_0037.jpg 2014-11-07_0038.jpg 2014-11-07_0039.jpg 2014-11-07_0040.jpg 2014-11-07_0041.jpg 2014-11-07_0042.jpg 2014-11-07_0043.jpg 2014-11-07_0044.jpg 2014-11-07_0045.jpg 2014-11-07_0046.jpg 2014-11-07_0047.jpg 2014-11-07_0048.jpg 2014-11-07_0049.jpg 2014-11-07_0050.jpg 2014-11-07_0051.jpg 2014-11-07_0052.jpg 2014-11-07_0053.jpg