David, 1st Birthday Cake Smash

When I was thinking about my nephew David's upcoming first birthday cake smash, I decided I wanted to get creative and make it a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme. I found the plastic turtles for the cake, got some pizza boxes and made his cute little outfit. It just barely fit him! He is such a chunk for only 1 year old! All the best laid plans never go according to plan - David didn't want to wear the mask. So we distracted him with cake and slipped it over his head. So at least it made it into the photo! Now I knew David wouldn't have a problem with smashing up his cake, but I didn't know he would get so into it. Flipping it over, layer by layer! lol!

Happy 1st Birthday, David! 2015-03-04_0001.jpg 2015-03-04_0002.jpg 2015-03-04_0015 2015-03-04_0004.jpg 2015-03-04_0005.jpg 2015-03-04_0006.jpg 2015-03-04_0007.jpg 2015-03-04_0008.jpg 2015-03-04_0009.jpg 2015-03-04_0010.jpg 2015-03-04_0011.jpg 2015-03-04_0012.jpg 2015-03-04_0013.jpg 2015-03-04_0014.jpg