David, 6 month Milestone

I love being able to photograph my many nieces and nephews! They are all so cute (no, I'm not biased!) and they are all so photogenic! Probably because they are no stranger to being in front of my camera. LOL! I can't believe my nephew David is 6 months old already! It was just yesterday that I was doing his newborn photos, right?! Well, little mister David isn't so little anymore. He already fits in 1 year clothing and he stands, just briefly, on his own! But he still does one of my favorite 6 month milestones - he eats his feet! I love this little guy! 2014-10-01_0001.jpg2014-10-01_0006.jpg 2014-10-01_0002.jpg 2014-10-01_0003.jpg 2014-10-01_0004.jpg 2014-10-01_0005.jpg 2014-10-01_0007.jpg 2014-10-01_0008.jpg 2014-10-01_0009.jpg 2014-10-01_0010.jpg 2014-10-01_0011.jpg 2014-10-01_0012.jpg