Emma, 6 day Newborn

Emma's first baby session was a new one for me! Every baby is different, so trying to find the right combination of things to put them to sleep is always a challenge. Well, Emma wanted to make us work for it! And we finally figured it out. She is used to the noise of lots of aunts and uncles, dogs and grandparents around her that she needed lots of noise. So mom and I talked the whole session and turned the TV on. It made Emma just settle down and sleep. It's a new one for me! I love it though! :) Emma is just a tiny little one! And she has the most interesting hair I've seen on a newborn. Dark hair with blonde tips. Beautiful!

Welcome to the world, little miss Emma! 2015-02-02_0002.jpg 2015-02-02_0003.jpg 2015-02-02_0004.jpg 2015-02-02_0005.jpg 2015-02-02_0006.jpg 2015-02-02_0007.jpg 2015-02-02_0008.jpg 2015-02-02_0010.jpg 2015-02-02_0009.jpg 2015-02-02_0011.jpg 2015-02-02_0012.jpg 2015-02-02_0013.jpg 2015-02-02_0014.jpg 2015-02-02_0015.jpg