Extended Family Wildflower Photography Colorado Springs, CO

It can be chaotic to get a extended family photography session put together (trust me, I've done it myself!) but I believe it's so important to get together every few years to update your family's photo together. And this family did too! So much so that grandpa broke his leg the day of the photos and they still came for photos! What troopers. I love their coordinating outfits. The color pallette they picked out was so fun for summer and for the wildflower fields!

2015-08-25_0001.jpg 2015-08-25_0002.jpg 2015-08-25_0003.jpg 2015-08-25_0004.jpg 2015-08-25_0005.jpg 2015-08-25_0006.jpg 2015-08-25_0007.jpg 2015-08-25_0008.jpg 2015-08-25_0009.jpg