Family Holidays

As the holidays are over and things have slowed down slightly, I can't wait to get caught up on my blog posts from the last month. So many cute photos to share! This Montana family (I say that knowing not all of them are from there, but most) got together for the holidays. It's a good time to get photos done when everyone is together. I had a great time with this family! I absolutely love how these photos turned out!

2015-01-12_0003.jpg 2015-01-12_0004.jpg 2015-01-12_0005.jpg 2015-01-12_0006.jpg 2015-01-12_0007.jpg 2015-01-12_0008.jpg 2015-01-12_0009.jpg 2015-01-12_0010.jpg 2015-01-12_0011.jpg 2015-01-12_0012.jpg 2015-01-12_0013.jpg 2015-01-12_0014.jpg 2015-01-12_0015.jpg