Family Photography at Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

I had a great time meeting this family and taking their photos! Colorado Springs is a big tourist town and taking family photography at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is very special. It's a gorgeous location that is unique to our city and there are a lot of families who want to remember their time here (short or long) and document it with a family photo session. And their clothes! So cute and well coordinated. Mom did a fantastic job putting it all together!

2015-08-29_0018.jpg 2015-08-29_0010.jpg 2015-08-29_0011.jpg 2015-08-29_0012.jpg 2015-08-29_0013.jpg 2015-08-29_0014.jpg 2015-08-29_0016.jpg 2015-08-29_0017.jpg 2015-08-29_0019.jpg