Gwyneth, Lifestyle Newborn

For this newborn photo session, mom wanted to do a lifestyle type of photo session. It's more about taking photos around the house, less posed. How life really is - lifestyle! It's a bit of candid and photojournalism coming together with some traditional photography really. With three girls now, mom and dad have their hands full! And how sweet they all are together. I love the ones that they are looking at their newest sister, welcome Gwyneth! We took some of the photos in Gwyneth's gorgeous nursery with mint, coral and cream colors. This lifestyle newborn photography session was so great!

2015-04-21_0007.jpg 2015-04-21_0008.jpg 2015-04-21_0009.jpg 2015-04-21_0005.jpg 2015-04-21_0006.jpg 2015-04-21_0010.jpg 2015-04-21_0011.jpg 2015-04-21_0012.jpg 2015-04-21_0013.jpg 2015-04-21_0014.jpg 2015-04-21_0004.jpg 2015-04-21_0003.jpg 2015-04-21_0002.jpg 2015-04-21_0001.jpg 2015-04-21_0016.jpg 2015-04-21_0015.jpg 2015-04-21_0017.jpg 2015-04-21_0018.jpg 2015-04-21_0019.jpg