Hailey, 8 day Newborn

Hailey did amazingly well for her newborn session! And she knew it too. A couple of times she smiled and peeked open her eyes as if to say, I know, I'm too cute! I know her parents and their family are over the moon in love with this little sweetheart. These were taken in Hailey's home with natural window light - as I always do with newborn sessions. I had a few new props that I loved using for her session. Props to me should be just enough to make things adorable without covering up your baby's cuteness.

Welcome to the world, little miss Hailey!

2014-12-01_0023.jpg 2014-12-01_0024.jpg 2014-12-01_0025.jpg 2014-12-01_0026.jpg 2014-12-01_0027.jpg 2014-12-01_0028.jpg 2014-12-01_0029.jpg 2014-12-01_0030.jpg 2014-12-01_0031.jpg 2014-12-01_0032.jpg 2014-12-01_0033.jpg 2014-12-01_0035.jpg 2014-12-01_0034.jpg