Happy 1st Anniversary, Keith and Amanda!

Today is my brother Keith and his wife Amanda's one year anniversary. I've been thinking about this post all day and now that there's only a couple of hours left in the day, I finally have time to sit down and post it. It's amazing how quickly a year goes, or ten, twenty, thirty. I never got around to making a wedding blog post about their beautiful wedding in Estes Park, but thankfully, it better late then never. This reminds me why I love photography so much. We can look back at the photos and remember things exactly how they looked at the time. In the last year a lot has happened. The most important of them all was Keith and Amanda's announcement that they are expecting. Baby Riley will be joining us in July this year and we can't be more thrilled!

So congrats on this first year, Keith and Amanda! Here's to many, many more.