I Do: Stacy + Matthew

Stacy + Matthew's wedding was my second in Myrtle Beach in just a few weeks. I still can't get over how beautiful it is and what a perfect location for a wedding!  Stacy + Matthew met in Myrtle Beach but live in Maine and have a cute little boy who you'll see in the photos below. They are a perfect little family and it was a great day to celebrate their union. I was glad to be a part of it!

Wedding 1

Thanks to Stacy's maid of honor for letting me use her wine glass for this fab shot of the rings!

Wedding 2

I love photos that make me smile.

Wedding 3

I like this photo because it's cute, but also because it's 3 generations.

Wedding 4

How HOT is Stacy?!

Wedding 5

Wedding 6

Wedding 7

:) Makes me grin.

Wedding 8

Boys will be boys but they can get away with it when they have those cute outfits on!

Wedding 9

Reception was held right on the beach.

Wedding 10

Love, LOVE this one...

Wedding 11

Wedding 12

Wedding 13

Wedding 14

So, I couldn't decide between the next two shots so I picked them both. Stacy + Matthew's wedding party was great at the jumping. Look at their expressions! To die for funny!

Oh, and Kudos to them for figuring out how to make it look great without jumping.

Wedding 15

Wedding 16

Wedding 17

Wedding 18

Wedding 19

Congratulations, Stacy and Matthew! All the best to you in your married life!