Katie, 1st Birthday Smash & Splash

Little miss Katie had a great time with her Smash & Splash 1st birthday photo session! For only 1 year old, Katie is very mobile and has been walking for awhile. This was a new one for me as she could easily get up and walk away from her cake anytime she wanted. So at first Katie wasn't sure about the cake. I love the photo of her at the beginning just staring down at the cake, unsure about what was happening. Then she got into it and had a great time eating and making a mess! I love the little pink frosting footprints all over as we had to convince her to sit back down a few times. lol! Happy 1st Birthday, Katie!

2015-03-05_0007.jpg 2015-03-05_0008.jpg 2015-03-05_0009.jpg 2015-03-05_0010.jpg 2015-03-05_0011.jpg 2015-03-05_0012.jpg 2015-03-05_0013.jpg 2015-03-05_0014.jpg 2015-03-05_0015.jpg 2015-03-05_0016.jpg 2015-03-05_0017.jpg 2015-03-05_0018.jpg 2015-03-05_0019.jpg 2015-03-05_0020.jpg