Laith, 3 Month Baby

I loved doing Laith's 3 month photo milestone! Babies change so much in the first year that it's great having photos to document all these changes. Laith is so alert and smiley! He's so cute with his cooing and little baby noises. Some of the photos I feel like you can hear him making his sounds as you see his cute face. Since he is three months right around Valentine's Day, we did some Valentine's photos. So adorable!

2015-02-20_0015.jpg 2015-02-20_0016.jpg 2015-02-20_0017.jpg 2015-02-20_0018.jpg 2015-02-20_0019.jpg 2015-02-20_0020.jpg 2015-02-20_0021.jpg 2015-02-20_0022.jpg 2015-02-20_0023.jpg 2015-02-20_0024.jpg