Logan, 1st Birthday Cake Smash & Splash Photography

I absolutely love taking your little one's newborn photos then coming back to watch them grow! Logan is a July baby so last year we did some 4th of July photos for his newborn session and this year we had to do another version of 4th of July photos too! Whenever we do a 1st Birthday Cake Smash session, we always put a few regular cute portraits at the beginning of the session too. In Logan's case, mom had a couple of cute signs for him. I love the one with where he is right now at one year old and what he's doing!

For Logan's cake smash, the theme was Sesame Street! How cute is that cake? I love the colors too. And for his bubble bath, he just had a great time splashing and playing in the water. I love his cute little expressions while he plays!

Happy 1st Birthday, Logan!

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