love bugs | Keith & Amanda | Downtown Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

This post is long overdue. But as I counted the weeks until my brother's wedding, I realized there are only 6 weeks left! My little brother is getting married. in. 6. weeks! As we draw nearer each day to the day Amanda and Keith tie the knot, and as I look through these engagement photos I took for them in the fall, I see each photo, each look, each day that they love each other. Love that endures distance (Keith has been in another state working for a while now). Love that laughs together.

As I sit here and think about my little brother taking this big step in his life, I am reminded of a story. It's one of those you hear your whole life, so often that it becomes imprinted in your memory. The story goes: after he came home from the hospital they put Keith in my little arms and as I showered him with kisses, mom and everyone said, no more kisses now. So as I sat their holding my baby brother, I would say, "No more kisses, baby," then promptly kiss him again.

It makes me proud as a big sister to such a great little brother to see him marry his love, his life, his world - Amanda.

I just couldn't decide which way I liked this photo most - color, black and white...they settled on this one. <3Love laughs together.Love brings two independent people together.I had to share this in a story. It's such a true representation of Keith and Amanda's love.

Mostly because Amanda loves Keith even when he's silly, when he's a little crazy. And maybe even loves him more for that crazy silliness.Congratulations to my little brother Keith and his soon to be wife, Amanda. I can't wait to witness the beginning of your life together.