love & sunflowers | Denver Colorado Wedding Photography

I grew up knowing both Rachel and Casey. And I'm sure that like all of their family and friends who were there to witness their wedding, I am so happy for them. Anyone can see how truly happy they are to be together. There were tears, laughter, hugs and smiles throughout their day. There were cowboy boots, tractors and sunflowers. And at the end of the evening, they ran for their truck as everyone cheered. They ran toward their future together. Congratulations, Rachel and Casey! Here's to years of happiness in your marriage ahead, starting with your wedding day.

I was thankful to have Lydia Myers help me with this wedding as well. Her photos are tagged below.

Father and daughter riding to the ceremonyPhotos directly below courtesy of Lydia.Photo on the right courtesy of Lydia.While I was taking Rachel's photos, Lydia was capturing this. So sweet!This is the guestbook album I made from their engagement photos. Photos in the frames are also from the same session.This gorgeous cake was made by my mom.Photo on the right courtesy of Lydia.I took cake shots, too but really love these ones Lydia captured.We headed out at sunset to get a few more photos. Love the light!