happily ever after: Cassie & Matt

After spending time with Matt and Cassie during their e-session, I just knew their wedding was going to be awesome. They worked hard on putting the parts together for this day. To celebrate the union of their lives joining forever. And not just for themselves. For their families and friends who proudly witnessed their committment of love. For their future.

Congratulations, Matt and Cassie!

this cutie is Cassie's (and now Matt's) nephew

My brother, Keith, who was helping me out some during the wedding, took this beautiful photo below. props!

it's always necessary to throw in some good, old fashioned fun ones!

and Keith's angle (again, props!) love these expressions!!

and the one he got of their salmon colored socks and red shoes...

how adorable are they??

Cassie, you were cute with the braces, now you're gorgeous without them!