Megan & Taylor Get Married!

When I first met with Megan and Taylor it was to plan their summer 2015 wedding. Well life had other plans. Like it did when they planned their wedding in another state and were transferred to Colorado before it happened. Taylor is being deployed this summer so they had to decide what to do. They decided on a winter wedding at the same venue - The Inn at Palmer Divide. Now I have to say I'm a little partial to winter weddings as my husband and I got married in January (a long time ago!) and although cold, it's always beautiful. A little snow dusting on pretty! Due to the change in plans, Megan and Taylor had a small, intimate wedding day. And it was just right for these two. They are such gracious and amazing people who are so obviously in love.

It started with the details as all weddings do. Many hours are spent picking out the dress, the tux, the shoes, the jewelry, flowers, and much more. Then the "before" pictures. Before Megan and Taylor see each other at the altar - getting ready to marry each other. Then the ceremony. It made me cry because as Megan started to tear up as she read her vows to Taylor, he reached out and held her hand in both his hands. And didn't let go.

The reception was a long table of their families and friends joining in laughter, stories and toasts to the happy couple. Megan's dad made everyone cry with his toast and as he ended his dance with his daughter, he asked Taylor to come and finish the dance with Megan. And then the night ended with a kiss. As man & wife. <3

Congratulations, Megan and Taylor!

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