Miles, 9 month Lifestyle Session

It's been such a joy to see Miles for his milestone sessions every 3 months in his first year! So far I've taken his newborn, 3 month, 6 month and now 9 month photos. I can't wait to see him for his 1 year birthday celebration! For his 9 month milestone session, we decided to do a "Day in the Life of Miles" but really we just took the photos in less than 2 hours. LOL! It was a condensed version. But I wanted to capture what Miles' life is like right now. What does he do, eat, sleep. All the little things that can so easily be forgotten in just a few years.

I love these photos! Miles personality is emerging more and more. He can clap now and makes lots of sounds! And that smile, it will make you smile every time!


2015-04-08_0003.jpg 2015-04-08_0004.jpg 2015-04-08_0005.jpg 2015-04-08_0006.jpg 2015-04-08_0007.jpg 2015-04-08_0008.jpg 2015-04-08_0009.jpg 2015-04-08_0010.jpg 2015-04-08_0011.jpg 2015-04-08_0013.jpg 2015-04-08_0014.jpg 2015-04-08_0015.jpg 2015-04-08_0016.jpg 2015-04-08_0017.jpg 2015-04-08_0018.jpg 2015-04-08_0019.jpg