my life for one year

Many photographers are great at doing projects like "52 weeks" or "A photo a day" but I find it hard to post my pictures so frequently. Frankly, my life is too busy. But as I uploaded the photos from my iPhone today, I realized that I do take at least a photo every day on average. After all, I've taken more than 1000 photos on my phone in the year and a half I've owned it. So as I looked through the memories I captured from the last year, a few things became apparent to me. And it tells my story. The story of my life as a whole and also for one year. The photos are mostly from my iPhone, so they aren't picture perfect, but they are mine. Here's my story...

I love my husband, Jay. We celebrated 8 years in January.

He always wears flip flops and shorts - even in the winter.

I love my dogs.

Gadget is our oldest. He's a 6 year old Pug.

He likes to be quirky.

And sometimes naughty.

Midnight is our "Virginia girl" since that's where we got her.

She's a 5 year old Pugapoo (pug and poodle mix).

She has the curls of a poodle. Unless we shave her.

She loves her tennis balls.

Kaiya is our baby. She's an American Bulldog.

And the sweetest thing ever.

She likes to stretch.

And sleep.

I dress my dogs up for Halloween...

celebrate their 1st birthdays....

 and give them Christmas gifts.

This year my baby brother got married.

So did Jay's brother. Then they had our niece, Chloe Kenna.

(held by her aunt Leah)

This year I helped my husband and his dad start their own business.

I saw a Wyoming sunset.

Jay and I got to go to a Broncos game.

It was amazing.

I like to hang out with family and friends...

this is my mom and grandma

cousin and niece

friend Lydia

I like to coupon.

And celebrate holidays with family.

And finally, I LOVE living in COLORADO!

Colorado from an iPhone... (this is Pikes Peak which we see every day)

This is me. This is my life.