My Passion for Photography: The next chapter

A little while ago I wrote about how my passion for photography began with my dad - posted here. I wanted to bring it up again as it's Father's Day weekend and it's one of the things that make me thankful for my dad. I also thought it was time to continue the story about my passion for photography. I left off the last time telling you about how I feel more deeply in love with photography when I lived in New Zealand as a teenage exchange student. When I came home, I wanted to take another photography class, but my high school didn't have one. As you can tell by the fact that I lived out of the country for several months at the age of 16, I am the ambitious sort. So I found out a nearby school had a photography class and arranged with my school to let me go there for that class. I also worked for the school yearbook and became their main photographer.

After high school, I knew photography was the path for me. How lucky I was to have found my passion in life at such a young age. Many people still struggle to find their niche in the world. I started school as a Fine Art Photography major. Not long into my college life, I discovered photojournalism. And fell in love. So I switched my major and graduated with my B.A. in Journalism: Photojournalism.

There was one catch. I didn't want to work as a journalist. It's true that I love people. But the competitive world of newspapers and magazines wasn't my scene. And by now I was also married. I wanted to be home with my husband, not out on the road chasing stories.

So I started taking portraits of my friends and family. Then one day about 5 years ago, I took my camera to my friend's wedding. She had hired her photographer for 3 hours, believing the wedding to only last that long. After the ceremony, the photographer took 2 hours of photos. Then she left. I couldn't believe it! The wedding wasn't over yet, but her time was and she had no qualms about leaving.

I became their photographer for the rest of the evening by default! I was the only photographer left.

And so began my journey into wedding and lifestyle photography. And my foundation for believing a photographer should stay for the whole wedding.

As a post on a photographer's site isn't complete without a photo, here it is. The rest of our family.