Newborn Liam, 9 days

Welcome to the world, Liam! I had so much fun taking his newborn photos! Little mister Liam is one lucky guy - parents and an older brother who adore him. Older brother is 17 month old Ryan who just loves to give his baby brother kisses. Only they look a little more like he's trying to eat Liam's head. But it's cute, you know? LOL This job is so much more than a job. It's such an honor being able to be the one who documents your little one just after they arrive in this world. Photographing their sweet baby faces, their little features, their smiles, their frowns. It's life. It's a blessing.

And it was certainly no different with Liam. He slept like a champ through most of his session and only just woke up towards the end to grace us with his inquisitive little frown. I love that frown. He was just taking in the world around him. He was checking out what was going on. So I had to include those in this session preview. Along with the smiles, the snuggles and the fun dress up photos we put him in. Enjoy!