Scott and Kayla Get Engaged! | Manitou Springs Surprise Proposal Photography Colorado

I had the privilege of being present to document my brother Scott's proposal to Kayla, his new fiancee! He asked me a few weeks ago to photograph this surprise proposal. I mean, when you have a photographer for a sister, what better way to capture that great moment in your life? How many of the rest of this wish we had photos like these, and not just a memory?

It was such a great moment! And the whole thing was just so, so sweet! Like a cherry on top kind of sweet. Kayla knew they were having a photo session with me and then when Scott was ready, he popped the question! And she said YES!

Congratulations to my big brother and my soon to be sister-in-law!

Prior to the proposal. How amazing do they look? 

I love this photo because I told them to look behind me into their future and that's where Scott popped the question!

We had a few arranged signals to know when everything was ready for Scott to go ahead. This is just moments before that...

Scott made a photo album for Kayla. Scroll to the end to see what the pages say. 

box in hand!

And then the session turned into an engagement photo session!

Yeah, not the best photo, but I love the moment. And the Star Trek game in the background...

Kayla loves elephants. :)

Why yes, that is a Star Trek custom made ring. lol! Wishing you both the best in your final frontier! Love, Kristi