Sisters, three | Richmond, Virginia Photo Sessions

This is was the last photo session from my time in Virginia recently. I have taken Nadia, Camille and Nora's pictures since Nadia was 6 months old (she is 5 now). I have seen them change and grow each time. This time was no exception. Their mom wanted to really focus on some big girl photos and take advantage of this time in their lives. We had fun even though it was hot and humid. The girls are used to my antics and love to play "photographer" at home. This time we wanted attitude, and with the help of the heat, that's what we got. :) Mom and dad also wanted photos of just the two of them to commemorate their 10 year anniversary this year. Congratulations, Karina and Eric!

I love the these two photos together. They started just the two of them...and added three!

Well, we asked for attitude and they delivered!