baby's first year

Declan's First Year

By the end of his first year of photos, even Declan's parents were saying he almost looked like a different baby! That little bit of strawberry blond hair turned into a LOT of red hair.

We love capturing a baby's milestones in their first year, and Declan is no exception! He was walking by 8 months so in his 9 month photos, he was already standing on tubs and running away from the camera lol!

And so many expressions. Declan and his family ended up with a beautiful album from his baby milestone sessions. Almost every 3 month session included a series of his changing expressions. So many moments we captured in Declan's first year that now will be easier for his parents to remember with these pictures. 

Pictured below from left down to right down, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. 


A Baby's First Year - Video Review

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! 

Or in this case, watch the video. ;)

Some great clients of ours recently sat down with us and told us about their experience first hand working with us for their little boy's whole first year of photos. From maternity to newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year Smash & Splash first birthday celebration, Kristi documented all these important milestones in Declan's life. 

It's amazing to see how much a baby changes in their first year of life. We hear so often by the end of the first year - that doesn't even look like the same baby!

Babies go from being immobile to tummy time to sitting up on their own, standing and walking all in just their first year! And in Declan's case, he was walking by 8 months so we had extra time to capture that amazing feat so early in his life.

So take a look below at working with Kristi Williams Photography - a Baby's First Year!