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A Baby's First Year - Video Review

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! 

Or in this case, watch the video. ;)

Some great clients of ours recently sat down with us and told us about their experience first hand working with us for their little boy's whole first year of photos. From maternity to newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year Smash & Splash first birthday celebration, Kristi documented all these important milestones in Declan's life. 

It's amazing to see how much a baby changes in their first year of life. We hear so often by the end of the first year - that doesn't even look like the same baby!

Babies go from being immobile to tummy time to sitting up on their own, standing and walking all in just their first year! And in Declan's case, he was walking by 8 months so we had extra time to capture that amazing feat so early in his life.

So take a look below at working with Kristi Williams Photography - a Baby's First Year!

Fall Family Portraits

Kristi photographed Lincoln when he was a newborn and was thrilled to get to photograph his family during the beautiful fall time when he turned 9 months old! We love these portraits of his family. Capturing a time in life that is already past but one they will always remember now. 

We love to add extended family photos to your baby and child sessions! These are important people in your life and your baby/child's life!

Waiting for baby Caelan

Kristi had the honor to capture Caelan's entry into this world from his parents' maternity session to his birth and then finishing up with some adorable newborn portraits.

This is the beginning of his story. His parents maternity session - as they waited with excitement to meet their little man! It was around the sunflower field time of year here in Colorado Springs (August-September). So we had some fun in the sunflowers!

Kristi made an flower crown of the sunflowers for mom to wear and it turned out so beautiful on her! As Kristi is also known for, she took a cream piece of fabric and created a dress on mom as she stood there. It's all about showing off that cute bump!



Princess 1st birthday cake smash & splash!

Presley's princess themed cake smash was well planned out but as a lot of well made plans, they can often go awry. Even though she normally loves cake and even ate some later that day, Presley was just not having it during her cake smash portrait session. She was good as long as we didn't try to get her to eat the cake lol!

So we worked with what Presley wanted to do and we ended up with some adorable photos and some funny ones that mom and dad loved having in their album to laugh about with her as she grows up. Lucky for us, Presley loved her bubble bath! 

And as we always encourage, we captured a beautiful family portrait before all the festivities. We believe you should exist in photos. Your kids want to see you in them! 

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

When Levi's mom first contacted us about doing a Dr. Seuss cake smash, we were so excited! And then she sent us a photo of the outfit she got for him to wear and we knew this was going to be the cutest Dr. Seuss cake smash ever! 

As Kristi does when she has an idea, she took it and ran with it. Cute matching balloons and decorations and the sweetest Dr. Seuss cake from our favorite baker, Sugarplum Cake Shoppe. Mom also provided the banner to match his outfit. And there you have it: all the makings of a cute cake smash for baby's 1st birthday! 

Some of the rubber ducks in Levi's bubble bath were his dad's rubber ducks from when he was little! How special!