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Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session: Finley

I had the privilege of taking my nephew's newborn photos recently! This is my brother and his family's last baby. They have been blessed with two daughters and now a son! Finley is our 16th niece/nephew between both our families. We are pretty fortunate to have such wonderful families. We love being auntie and uncle to these sweet littles!

We did a newborn session at their home including family, siblings and photos of Finley by himself. Part of the day at Finley's newborn session was also spent making a video about doing your own photos versus hiring a professional portrait artist. 

We had fun making the movie (there's even a gag reel at the end to prove it!) and you can watch it here:

Welcome to the world, little mister Finley!


diy vs portrait artist

What happens when a DIY Dad squares off against a professional Portrait Artist for his son's newborn photos? Watch and find out! 

(Stay tuned for the gag reel at the end for some laughs! Scroll down for more photos!)



It was such a pleasure photographing Connor's story! His parents' first baby, it made it so special! We did both maternity and newborn sessions and some sweet comparisons from those of before baby and after baby arrives. They are so sweet! 

Welcome to the world, Connor!

Christopher, 16 days | Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Oh goodness, little Christopher! Those eyes! It's not very often that I get photos of baby's eyes and looking so steadily at the camera, too! *adorable* I love how he sucks in his bottom lip and I captured that when I did the detail photos. 

I absolutely loved doing the family photos with the "first" babies - the furbabies. Such an awesome memory to capture! The best part is seeing the photos hung up at their home. I can picture Christopher now as he grows up looking at those photos and knowing his is adored, he is loved without measure.