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Christopher, 16 days | Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Oh goodness, little Christopher! Those eyes! It's not very often that I get photos of baby's eyes and looking so steadily at the camera, too! *adorable* I love how he sucks in his bottom lip and I captured that when I did the detail photos. 

I absolutely loved doing the family photos with the "first" babies - the furbabies. Such an awesome memory to capture! The best part is seeing the photos hung up at their home. I can picture Christopher now as he grows up looking at those photos and knowing his is adored, he is loved without measure.

Thea, 5 week Newborn, Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Even if you can't get newborn photos done in the first 10 days, I still take "newborn" photos all the way up to 6 weeks old. They are just still so small and I think it's important to capture their newborn essence. Thea wa 5 weeks old at the time of her session and even though we had to work a little harder to get her to sleep, mom and dad knew all the tricks by then to help put her to sleep. Big sister Cougar even helped out. There's one photo (not shown) of Thea crying and Cougar put her paw on her hand as if to comfort her. It was precious!

Welcome to the world, Thea!

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