Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session: Finley

I had the privilege of taking my nephew's newborn photos recently! This is my brother and his family's last baby. They have been blessed with two daughters and now a son! Finley is our 16th niece/nephew between both our families. We are pretty fortunate to have such wonderful families. We love being auntie and uncle to these sweet littles!

We did a newborn session at their home including family, siblings and photos of Finley by himself. Part of the day at Finley's newborn session was also spent making a video about doing your own photos versus hiring a professional portrait artist. 

We had fun making the movie (there's even a gag reel at the end to prove it!) and you can watch it here:

Welcome to the world, little mister Finley!


diy vs portrait artist

What happens when a DIY Dad squares off against a professional Portrait Artist for his son's newborn photos? Watch and find out! 

(Stay tuned for the gag reel at the end for some laughs! Scroll down for more photos!)


Welcome, baby Nolan!

This was such a special session for us! Kristi has photographed this sweet family's birthday, maternity and newborn sessions for some of the older kids and now she got to photograph their last addition to their family, baby Nolan!

We really like being able to do newborn photography in your home and we know you do too! We always start with the family and sibling photos first because, let's be real - siblings (and dad) are done after awhile. And since our professional newborn photo sessions can take up to 3 hours, they can go play while we finish up with baby's photos. 

Nolan is so cute and we couldn't help but notice, his own little person. Having done his older brother's newborn photos as well, we talked about how these two boys really look so different even as babies from each other. We can't wait to see him grow up!

Welcome to the world, little mister Nolan!


Baby Expressions | Community Spotlight | Colorado Springs, CO

This is a new series of blog posts we are starting to focus on our amazing community! If you’d like to have your small business featured for FREE on the our Kristi Williams Photography blog (or know a small business we should feature), contact us at

We recently sat down with owner Liz Flemming to talk about her local downtown business, Baby Expressions 3D-4D Ultrasound. It's more than a business to her - it's calling to bond babies with their families before they are born. Read more below!

The Details: Baby Expressions 3D-4D Ultrasound
In Business: Bonding families with babies since 2008
Hours: By Appointment Only.
Tuesday 10 am – 8 pm, Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Location: 814 S. Tejon St, Colorado Springs 80903
Phone: 719-358-9280


Tell us about your business… What do you do?

The reason why we do this is we want families to meet the baby that’s coming, see what the baby looks like, but more importantly to bond with their baby. And get excited about the moment when the baby does come.

We encourage people to bring friends and family. So not only the direct family can bond with the baby but extended family members and friend as well. We have a family theatre setting to accommodate large groups of people.

We believe that when people are excited, and you have this opportunity to bond with your baby in the womb, it gives the baby a better chance at life.


What makes your business unique?

It’s not just about getting pictures and a video, but it’s an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between baby and family members as well as friends. When you have a network of people surrounding the baby, it gives the baby a healthy life.

When they are jumping in the womb and doing flips in the womb, what I hear people saying a lot is I can’t wait for my baby to come out! So that excitement is what we are after because we want the well-being of the baby. Plus it’s an unforgettable experience.

It’s about the dads as well. For example, one thing I like to do is have dad stand next to the comfy bed and poke momma’s belly. When dad is poking the belly, you can see on the ultrasound screen the baby’s body part that dad is poking. Since dads don’t get to feel baby’s movement like moms do, this is another way for dad to connect with their baby. We do this with the baby’s siblings too.  It is so wonderful to see dads light up!

If anyone else wants to participate, we encourage them to join in the fun. We’ve had as many as 27 people in the room!


What service do you offer that you just LOVE and think everyone needs?


We do 2D, 3D, 4D, HD Live and Gender Determination. My favorite is the gender reveal because it’s exciting to find out. However, if everybody were in the position to do two or three of these elective ultrasounds in a pregnancy, I would highly recommend that. Our Double Take package gives you the opportunity to come in as early as 14 weeks to find out your baby’s gender, then you come back again around 30 weeks to see how much your baby has developed, see facial images, and see the cute things your baby does.

We have single, double and triple visit packages. I think the double visit packages are my favorite because you get the best of both worlds. And three visit packages are fantastic.

We also have heartbeat animals to record the baby’s heartbeat in a cuddly stuffed animal. It’s great for military families to take with them when they deploy. Military families may be eligible for a discount too. Plus we stream the entire ultrasound, so deployed dads and grandparents that are not in town can participate too.

What got you started in this business?

I saw my granddaughter in the womb. Ten years ago when they were expecting her, we went to an ultrasound session similar to this one. I was just expecting the traditional doctor ultrasound – 2D fuzzy pictures that you couldn’t even understand anything. And when I saw her face, I just got emotional and was amazed at the technology.  More important than the technology I was amazed that I could see her see her face.

My mind works in funny ways when I go to businesses:  I often tend to look for business opportunities. I thought, I want to do that! I had a corporate job traveling and selling advertising all over the world.  But I decided that “when I grow up,” this is what I want to do. So a couple years after that, we opened shop.  We have been in business over 9 ½ years!


Tell us about YOU specifically… WHY did you choose to do what you do?

I like people and so this is a good opportunity to continue to interact with them, but more importantly than that, I think God put me here to do this.

When we first opened, my late husband and I prayed about it. This is like a ministry to us. It’s my job before God and so I’m held to a high standard.

And that’s why for me, the bonding part of this business – strengthening those ties between family members and the baby –  is so important.  It’s not just about giving you a video or giving you a picture of your baby. For me, the Lord has a plan for each baby, and I am here to foster a fantastic family environment for the little ones. Plus give the parents-to-be a peek into their baby’s life thru a fantastic experience.

What are your hobbies and passions outside of your business?

I love hiking. I live in the mountains, so anything that has to do with the outdoors is great.

I’ll bring one of my hobbies for you to see (goes to the back room but comes back empty handed). I guess not!  His name is Harley and you saw Wally here. Wally and Harley have a job. They’re our dogs. Wally’s been coming to Baby Expressions for almost 9 years and his job is to greet people. But he’s now 13 years old so he sleeps more than greets people. I got Harley not too long ago – he’s in the back and he’s a puppy. My goal is to train him to greet people when they come in because this is a family experience. Pets are part of the family as well. We want to make this a comforting experience. But he’s in the back and he’s asleep. He’s a labrador puppy and sleeps a lot!

Even Wally has gotten some Google reviews because people come with their kids and they really like that part!

I ride a motorcycle, a Harley.


What is the nicest thing you’ve ever had a client do for you?

This is a heartwarming experience.  It is a very personal occasion where we try not only to show you what the baby looks like but also to touch hearts.  We try to engage not only mom and dad but the guests they bring too. We ask for everybody’s name and it turns into a special family event.  One of the ways I know we’ve done a good job is we get hugs as people are leaving, and they tell us that it was a fantastic experience.


What other local business do you just love and why?

The Coffee Exchange down the street. I like them because one, they are locally owned. The owner is from Cuban descent and so he has a lot of Cuban items on his menu and he’s a nice guy! Convenient and close by. A lot of people go there for business networking and meetings and at night they serve alcohol.

Introduce us to your staff… 

Lynette Bianchi – she’s our Sonographer who is here most of the time. She has been with us close to a year and is a very warm and caring person. People love her.

We have two to three rotating interns. I partner with UCCS to give their students in the health field an opportunity to see how an ultrasound business operates in a family environment vs a medical setting.  It’s our way of giving back to the community.


See the latest news at:

See more on our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram @kristiwilliamsphotography

This is a new series of blog posts we are starting to focus on our amazing community! If you’d like to have your small business featured for FREE on the our Kristi Williams Photography blog (or know a small business we should feature) contact us at

Naomi's Maternity & Newborn Photo Story

Happy 1st Day of Spring! We thought it was fitting to share Naomi's newborn photo story on the first day of spring because she looks like a little spring princess in all the flower crowns we put on her!

Naomi's parents and her big brother doggie Rocky were so excited as they waited to meet Naomi. We had so much fun (even though it was freezing) taking their maternity pictures in front of Garden of the Gods. Colorado is so beautiful. This family is beautiful. To put this adorable family in that scenery is like the cherry on a sundae!

Little miss Naomi was born at only 6 lbs, 12 oz with curly hair and so little bitty that she fit all the way inside our yellow bucket at her newborn session! It's was so great to take the newborn photos at Naomi's home. It was comfortable for everyone and made great memories! We love incorporating family pictures in the newborn photo session. That includes ALL family - big brother Rocky and grandma who was visiting!

We had fun matching mom and daughter in the same teal headband and fabric! Her mom during the maternity session and then once Naomi was here we matched her to mom at her newborn session.

How sweet is little miss Naomi in all her newborn photos? That hair! Those sweet little bitty pink lips and toes with all those rolls. She is just cute in every photo! Precious little sweetheart. We loved photographing Naomi's story!