Tuesday Tip for Brides | Wedding Flowers from a Photographer's Perspective

wedding flowers

I get a lot of wedding questions from my brides that are both photography and non-photography related. That's because I've been to a LOT of weddings! I've seen it all (not quite, but close!).  So I'm starting Tuesday Tip for Brides on, you guessed it, TUESDAYS!

Today we talk about  wedding flowers - bridal bouquets. I love flowers. But a lot of times, they can be overlooked. But remember, they are usually in a LOT of pictures.  So they are important! I have seen all white, colorful, small, medium, large, real and fake flowers. Here's why to consider what you end up choosing, step by step.

How to Hold Your Flowers

The correct way to hold your flowers (according to me):

Elbows at your hips.  Drop your hands.

This is like magic. Seriously. I say these two rules at EVERY wedding I photograph. It immediately looks more natural. This is how you will carry the flowers and pose most of the time.  And here is the reason: if you don't drop your hands, your bouquet ends up covering up the top of your beautiful dress you spent hours preparing. This rule also goes for your bridesmaids.


Bouquet Size Matters!

Sure, large bouquets are pretty but they hide your dress. Also, you will hate carrying those flowers around after about 5 minutes. And trust me, you will be carrying them around a lot on your wedding day.

Also, when you have too heavy of a bouquet, you compensate by holding it up high. Smaller is better.

The size of the bottom of the bouquet should fit in one hand. You will likely carry your flowers one handed most of the day as you are usually holding on to your dad as he walks you down the aisle, your new husband as you leave, and pictures, pictures, pictures!



Monochromatic (all white):

When choosing white flowers, the texture of the flower is important. Otherwise, the flowers can end up looking like just a white blob of color with no definition in the photos.

Also, using all the same flower such as roses, lilies, hydrangeas - will give your bouquet a classic look.





Dried flowers (Etsy):

This was a first and only so far for me, but I loved it. Dried flowers from a vendor on Etsy. They were unique and beautiful! And the best part, they are already dried so you can always keep them.



Do it Yourself Flowers

A lot of brides choose to do their own flowers to save themselves money. Here's what to consider about doing them yourself:

Fake or Real? Can you really tell? The next 4 images are fake flowers. If you make them right, no one will even know. Plus they can be done months ahead of time.



Doing it yourself with REAL flowers:

Time is what you need to keep in mind. Flowers obviously die so people wait until the last minute to make them. Just don't wait until the same day. It can delay your entire day. Make them a day or two (at most) before and refrigerate them. We did this for my sister in law at a local Colorado Springs Wholesale Florist. They were nice enough to let us keep them in their professional coolers where there was room to store them until the day of the wedding. We even made the flowers at their shop ourselves with lots of tips from other professionals working there. You need to have a valid sales tax license to buy from them, but it's worth it for cheap and beautiful do it yourself flowers.



I love colorful bouquets! They can really make a photo POP!

These beautiful and colorful bouquets were made by the bride's mom. Such talent!



Or even just a splash of color!weddingwedding

Remember, details such as the flowers are important!

They are in most the the photos you will use for your album and hang on your wall.