Riley! 9 Days New

We welcomed my niece into our family this summer - Riley Rue! She is so adorable and amazing. I had to take a few of her baby pictures at the hospital for the first time and then we did newborn photos at her house in Denver. I love every detail of this baby girl! My niece.

I love taking newborn photos. Here's some things that help with newborn photos: taking newborn photos is best when they are 3-10 days old. They are still very sleepy and flexible during this time. That doesn't mean if they are older, it won't work. The size of the baby determines how well sleeping baby poses work. I've had a 6 week old who was only 8 pounds be able to pull off the newborn poses. I've also seen other newborn photographers pose babies up to 4 months old simply because the baby was a preemie and it took that long to get to a healthy size.

The second thing to keep in mind: newborn photos take a while to take because you are waiting on the baby to go to sleep. That means diaper changes, feedings, and making them comfortable. This takes longer for some babies than others. Typically they are 2-3 hours at the minimum. This is totally normal! It is also normal to get a handful of perfect little sleeping photos because of the time in making them comfortable.

Newborn photography is one of my favorite types of photography. Love those little bitty babies!