Winter Snow Maternity Photos

As I'm posting this recent maternity session, baby Justin has already arrived pretty early. We are thinking of him and his family and sending well wishes their way! When Justin's mom contacted me about doing maternity photos, we set a date. We didn't realize there would be snow everywhere still! But it was so beautiful and so perfect! I love all their blue and black outfits - especially with the snow! I love the love you can see in this family and their anticipation of waiting for little Justin to arrive. Big brother was soooo excited! Dad and mom would say, give Justin a hug and kiss and he knew exactly what to do. Hug and kiss mom's tummy! So sweet!

I just love these photos. <3

2015-03-16_0014.jpg 2015-03-16_0001.jpg 2015-03-16_0002.jpg 2015-03-16_0003.jpg 2015-03-16_0004.jpg 2015-03-16_0005.jpg 2015-03-16_0006.jpg 2015-03-16_0007.jpg 2015-03-16_0008.jpg 2015-03-16_0009.jpg 2015-03-16_0010.jpg 2015-03-16_0011.jpg 2015-03-16_0012.jpg 2015-03-16_0013.jpg 2015-03-16_0015.jpg 2015-03-16_0016.jpg 2015-03-16_0017.jpg 2015-03-16_0018.jpg 2015-03-16_0019.jpg 2015-03-16_0020.jpg 2015-03-16_0021.jpg