With Love to My Grandma M | Colorado Springs Photography

This has been a strange year. My Grandma B (my dad's mom) was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. She's doing great after her surgery. Then about a month ago, my other Grandma M (my mom's mom) was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Both of them are in their early 80s. My Grandma M is going in for surgery at 5:30 am tomorrow morning.

So it's made me think a lot. I take a lot for granted. I make excuses for not seeing my grandmas and family so often because my life is busy. But the reality is I need to make time for them. Because that's all that really matters - family.

With that in mind, I did a little photo shoot of Grandma M yesterday. And the things I love about her.

I love her smile.

I love that no matter how old she grows, she's still a kid at heart and has more dolls than all her granddaughters combined.

I love that she's creative and loves to make everything. My mom and I have inherited our creativity from her.

She made this doll (among MANY other things).

I love her hands. They tell the story of her life - the kids she cared for, the dinners she made, moments upon moments of her life.

She loves to read. So do I.

She believes in God and has lead her family by faith and love.

She's my grandma. And I love her.

We will be praying for the best tomorrow, Grandma! We love you. See you soon!