Zackery, 6 day newborn

Usually I start a blog post for a newborn session with the newborn photos, but sometimes, like in Zackery's case, family is everything. Zackery is lucky to have a big family with three older siblings and parents who adore him! I love these precious photos of Zack and his family - precious moments that are captured forever. So without further ado, help me welcome little mister Zackery to the world!

2015-05-26_0001.jpg 2015-05-26_0002.jpg 2015-05-26_0003.jpg 2015-05-26_0010.jpg 2015-05-26_0011.jpg 2015-05-26_0004.jpg 2015-05-26_0005.jpg 2015-05-26_0006.jpg 2015-05-26_0007.jpg 2015-05-26_0008.jpg 2015-05-26_0009.jpg