Colorado Springs Outdoor Photography Locations

We have such gorgeous scenery here in Colorado Springs! It's one of the reasons we love living here. Our first focus is always on making you look your best but in a beautiful area is always a bonus. Here are some of our favorite Colorado Springs outdoor locations: 


Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a national natural landmark. People come from all over the world to see it. The beautiful red rocks add a great backdrop for your photos! There are several places we can use in and around the park to get some interesting photos! This location is definitely better to shoot at dusk - just about an hour before sunset. 

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Address: 1805 N. 30th St, Colorado Springs, 80904


Red Rock Canyon Open Space

This location is gorgeous! It's very similar to Garden of the Gods with all the red rocks (although smaller) but has the benefit of being less busy and also has a couple of nice ponds. 

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Address: 3550 W. High St, Colorado Springs, 80904


Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park is on the west side of Colorado Springs and offers a beautiful view of the foothills. My favorite part of it though, is the dirt trails, open grassy fields and pine trees. And in the fall, it offers some gorgeous fall color for your photos. 

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Physical address: 1705 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs, 80919


Palmer Park

Palmer Park is a great location for amazing views, open fields and nature photos. There's also an overlook at the top of the hill that you can see all of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. This location is best at just before sunset. 

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Address: 3343 Paseo Rd, Colorado Springs, 80909


Fox Run Regional Park

Located on the north side of Colorado Springs, technically in Black Forest, is Fox Run Park. It's another favorite of mine. The tall pine trees, a couple of ponds, stone amphitheater and dirt trails provide infinite possibilities for photo backgrounds. 

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Address: 2210 Stella Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921


Monument Valley Park

Monument Valley park is a little park near Colorado College downtown that has huge weeping willows, a pond and a side rose garden. Always a great choice for photos! 

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Address: 1003 Glen Ave, Colorado Springs, 80905



The Broadmoor is a famous hotel here in the Springs and with good reason. It's beautiful inside and out! Taking photos at the Broadmoor outside is allowed, but to take photos inside, we have to get permission. But there are plenty of places outside to take photos anyway. 

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Address: 1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, 80906


Open Country Road

One of my favorite country road locations that you can easy access in north Colorado Springs. I have used this road a few times for it's gorgeous view of Pikes Peak. Unlike my other locations, this place is best used at sunrise to get the best light for you as well as Pikes Peak behind you.

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Address: 1298 Walsen Rd, Colorado Springs, 80921


Xeriscape Garden

There aren't many place in Colorado Springs that are both open to the public and has flowers. But at the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden off Mesa Road, there are lots of pretty flowers. There are also great views of Garden of the Gods. I love the paved trails there as well!

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Address: 2855 Mesa Rd, Colorado Springs, 80904